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Above & Below The Waves
Alison Murray and Knitters from Around The World


Alison Murray a Bideford based textile artist is an imaginative and talented knitter. She is the mastermind behind the international knitting project, Above and Below the Waves, which has involved creating a woolly seaside scene. Alison hopes this new creation will raise thousands of pounds for the RNLI 's Train One - Save Many campaign.

Her exciting new project was premiered at the 2010 Festival. Alison’s knitted installation included a three-dimensional undersea tunnel, waves, a beach, jellyfish, octopi, lifeguards and many more amazing knitted creations. Visitors walked beneath the waves and experience our marine environment from a completely different perspective! It was an unforgettable experience for over 3,000 people who visited the three main exhibitions.

For months knitters from all over the world created new designs. Almost everyday amazing creations from all corners of the globe arrived at Alison’s home in Bideford. Knitters sent notes and postcards, here are some of their comments and quotes;

“ I am one of your knitters from the Gingerbread house project in 2006 and I’m currently knitting for your lifeboat appeal. I am really enjoying the opportunity to knit creatively and for charity. I find it very therapeutic, enjoyable and creative.”

“My son is a crew member on the Torbay lifeboat based in Brixham, the third busiest in the country last year. Naturally I am a supporter and a very proud mother as he was presented with a bravery award for helping to save 8 lives from the Ice Prince cargo freighter in January 2008 and I would love to knit for you.”

“I have really enjoyed using all the different coloured wools to make my knitted fish. Hence the reason I haven’t sent them earlier because I kept thinking I will make more !”

Appledore’s Sub Aqua Club even got the knitting bug ! A group of them created their own underwater knitting circle and were joined by some unusual sea creatures as they knitted off the shores of Lundy Island !.

With thanks to Appledore Sub Aqua Club

Through two previous projects, the world's largest knitted Christmas Tree and a giant Gingerbread House, Alison has brought the art of knitting into today’s world. She has received international acclaim, she has been on the Graham Norton Show and has been interviewed by Martha Stewart in the USA. Her Gingerbread House has toured to Europe and most recently to Bangkok. Her work and projects are inspiring and everyone and anyone can and does take part.



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