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Time & Tide Bell



“This is an inspired project. The link between ourselves and the elements is in danger of being lost in our 21st century life. The importance of that link, given climate change, is more important than it ever has been and such a beautiful reminder of the importance of tides and sea levels is truly inspirational.”

Baroness Miller of Chilthorne Domer

On the Opening Night of the 2009 Appledore Arts Festival (Wednesday May 27th, 6.30 pm) the UK’s first ‘Time and Tide’ bell will be dedicated. This exciting and unique national public art project is the creation of international sculptor and musician, Marcus Vergette.

Marcus has designed a unique new bell form which will be installed at 12 diverse tidal locations around the country, from harbours to open stretches of coastline.

Marcus Vergette Time & Tide Bell  image copyright Roy Riley (www.royriley.co.uk)

The movement of water at high tide, causes the clapper to strike the bell creating a series of different notes and a constantly shifting pattern of sounds and melodies. Each strike of the bell makes a mark in time, connecting that spot, that moment, to the movement of the moon and the sea. There is a strong resonance between bells and the sea; navigation, warning, safety, victory, loss, faith, time and duty. Everyone within the sound of a bell is considered to be under the protection and influence of that bell.

For further details please refer to www.marcusvergettte.co.uk or e-mail marcus@vergette.eclipse.co.uk

Appledore Arts has worked with Marcus to gain permission to install this first bell on the sea wall in Appledore.

This project became a National Case Study for the Arts Council and was awarded funding by Arts Council England, South West.

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